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  Paper Plates Making Machine in Hyderabad

Paper Plates Making Machine in Hyderabad

Paper Plate Machine


Parties, functions, events and even biriyani shops require plates that can be disposed of after usage. Hyderabad is famous for Biriyani and other foods cooked out of rice. This city, abuzz with activity in the State of Andhra Pradesh, is one of the metros of India that sets several other businesses into motion through the primary business activities of the city. Coffee, tea and consumption of other beverages is a brisk business in the State as well as in the City. Besides these, catering services and hotels use paper plates since they can be easily disposed of after usage. Paper Plate Making Machine is used to make plates made of pulp wood materials.

Paper Plate Making Machine is largely sold in Hyderabad since the city is a busy place where hotels cannot serve all customers with ceramic plates and other materials. To wash them is even more difficult and to get them ready for subsequent rounds with new customers will make it an exhausting effort. Serving disposable plates will make it easy since one need not worry about issuing them the second time. Newer ones may be given in the next times to make it easy for the business owner to supply customers with accessories as and when they are required. This is why the demand for this machinery among the manufacturing industries is so very high.
Fully Automatic Numetic Paper Plate Machine

The 30 ton pressure cylinder pneumatic paper plate is available in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh. They deliver a high speed performance to keep you in business. Mass production capacity of the machinery is helpful to produce finished products in large numbers.

Hyderabad, as the biggest city in Andhra Pradesh, finds purchasing of Paper Plate Machine profitable that can make plates of various sizes on preset specifications. The quality accessories and components of the machinery help you with low maintenance costs and longer durability.
Semi Automatic Hydraulic Paper Plate Machine

A semi-automatic hydraulic paper plate machine sold in Hyderabad in the State of Andhra Pradesh can make plates using 80 GSM to 500 GSM Papers. These high speed devices can produce a maximum of 2500 units in an hour and a minimum of around 1000 units per hour.

This hydraulic paper plate machine is used commonly in Hyderabad. We deliver this machinery within 7 days to any part of Andhra Pradesh. This sophisticated device is low maintenance equipment that uses low power and lower running costs while requiring only one person to place papers and pick the finished piece from the device.
Technical Data


25-30 PCS/min

Paper materal

120-300 Gsm Silver Laminated Craft

Specification of paper plate

6” – 14” Adjustable mould

Total Power

220V 50 Hz 1 Kw



Overall Dimensions


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